Zeela Dorrek was a Cardassian woman living on Earth in the 24th century.

In 2366 her father, mother and herself defected to the Federation with the aid of Hans Zakarian.  Unfortunately, her father was killed during their escape.

After coming to Earth, she was instructed by Zakarian in survival techniques and he showed her around the planet.  She became a wilderness guide and began learning about the planet's natural herbal remedies.

In 2371 she became friends with Starfleet Cadet Gerard Lynch.

During the Dominion War, Starfleet Intelligence attempted to recruit her to aid Damar's Rebellion.  She turned down the offer and spent the last few months of the war hiking the Appalachian Trail.

LUG Trek StatsEdit

Animal Handling 1

Horse 2

Culture 1

Cardassian 3
Federation 2

Dodge 1

First Aid 1

Herbal Remedies 2

History 1

Federation 2


Cardassian 2
Federation Standard 2

Life Sciences 1

Botany 2

Persuasion 1

Storytelling 2

Planetside Survival 2

Jungle 3

Primitive Weaponry 2

Bow 3

Riding 2

Horse 3

Streetwise 1

Scrounging 2

Unarmed Combat 1

Wrestling 2

World Knowledge 1

Earth 3
Cardassia 2
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