The Zodiac class was a type of cruiser in service in Starfleet during the 24th century.

The class was a successful all-purpose cruiser, able to handle missions from exploration to long-term warfare.

Many of its design elements and technologies were later used for the Galaxy Development Project

They were crewed by 357 officers and crew, with room for 90 passengers.  In an evacuation scenario, 3600 beings could be brought aboard.

Eight type X phaser arrays, and a pair of photon torpedo launchers both fore and aft made up its offensive capabilities.

A captain's yacht, similar to the Galaxy class', 15 shuttles and 4 shuttlepods were the typically assigned auxiliary craft complement.

Known VesselsEdit

USS Zodiac

USS Taurus

USS Orion

USS Yorktown

USS Lyra

USS Bootes

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